Tech Talk: Israeli startups shine at MPE fintech conference – The Jerusalem Post

Israeli fintech firms have earned a stellar reputation for birthing startups that have grown into unicorns, including Forter, Riskfid, Rapyd, Papay Global, Payoneer, and more.

Fintech, a portmanteau of financial technology, denotes companies leveraging novel technologies to challenge traditional financial methods in delivering services.

The MPE conference, short for Merchant Payments Ecosystem, held annually in Berlin, serves as a magnet for tech companies, solution providers, major merchants, and industry experts. This year we have witnessed a notable presence of Israeli companies, with three Israeli startups making it to the final startup pitch.

Alsomine is an innovative gift card issuance platform and wallet, pioneering the digital transformation of the gift card industry, by leveraging the power of blockchain.

Crymbo is an orchestration platform that makes fragmented TradFi, CeFi & DeFi infrastructure talk to each other with a single API.

Illustrative image of a person paying with a credit card. (credit: WALLPAPER FLARE)

Ballerine helps global payment companies and marketplaces with onboarding, underwriting, and the ongoing management of risks associated with their merchants, sellers, transactions, and products.

Keren Aviasaf, Co-Founder & CEO at Worx Payments who was one of the three judges in the startup’s completion commented on the pitches:

“This is the fifth year that I have been a judge in the innovation corner at the MPE conference, the entire team of judges unanimously agreed that this year more than ever we saw innovative startups with unique solutions that are already working among customers.

Data analytics, embedded finance, fraud prevention, simplified payments. this year startups competing in the Merchant Payments Ecosystem Innovation Hub brought fresh perspectives and modern, environmentally conscious solutions on the stage, promising a bright future for the payment ecosystem


Also it was impressive how many of the finalists and major companies were representing Israeli startups, more so than ever, it’s our unique footprint on the global economy.”

Rapyd has been recognized as the 2024 best cross-border merchant solution at the conference among other companies that won prizes.

Amidst the ongoing conflict in Israel, companies have shown resilience by adapting to the situation and pressing forward with their business objectives. This determination remains steadfast even as some employees and occasionally founders are called to serve their country.

The discourse during the conference underwent a transition, delving beyond the realm of digital wallets to explore the multifaceted landscape of marketplaces geared towards enhancing engagements with private users in more efficient and user-friendly ways. 

Participants discussed strategies and technologies aimed at optimizing user experiences and streamlining interactions within these platforms. 

Additionally, the conversation expanded to encompass the transformative potential of smart cities, where interconnected devices and seamless digital payment systems converge to revolutionize urban living. 

This intersection of technology and urban development holds promise for creating more connected, efficient, and sustainable communities, paving the way for innovative solutions to address modern challenges.