Apple Now Considers iPhone 6 Plus is Now ‘Obsolete’ & iPad Mini 4 ‘Vintage’ – Wccftech

Apple has just gone ahead and declared that the legendary iPhone 6 Plus is obsolete, and the iPad Mini 4 is now vintage. If you head over to the website, you will see that the labels and categories of both these devices have changed, but the good thing is that despite their old status, Apple is still paying respect to these devices instead of completely forgetting about them–something that happens all the time in the tech world.

Apple finally gave up on the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Mini 4 in classic fashion

For those who don’t know, Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus back in 2014, and the iPad Mini 4 was launched back in 2015. Now, Apple has gone ahead and marked them obsolete and vintage.

Now, for those who are not sure why Apple uses these terms, it is because when Apple marks a device obsolete, it means that it is no longer going to repair any hardware-related services, such as repairs from Apple or Apple Authorized Service Providers. As far as the vintage status is concerned, Apple normally gives a device that status when over five years have passed since the device was last sold in the market. This means that both the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPad Mini 4.

This might sound sad to a lot of Apple users, but I honestly don’t know anyone who is still using an iPhone 6 Plus or the iPhone Mini 4. That is the reason why it makes perfect sense for Apple to mark these devices as obsolete and vintage. Another thing that you should understand is that if Apple marks a device vintage, that does not mean that you might not be able to find parts for these devices. Speaking of parts, third-party repair service providers might still have access to older parts, so you do not have to lose hope. But then again, I am not sure what you would be doing with such an older device in the first place.

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