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Zoom has released two new security features designed to let meeting admins remove and report disruptive meeting participants.

The new tools allow hosts and co-hosts to get a better handle on their meetings and eliminate distractions caused by disruptive people and report them to Zoom, according to a company blog announcing the new features. 

The Suspend Participant Activities feature halts all video, audio, in-meeting chat, annotation, screen sharing, and recording. It also ends breakout rooms.

Hosts or co-hosts can navigate to this feature via the Security icon. The host or co-host will be asked if they want to report a user from the meeting, share details, or include a screenshot. Once submitted, the user will be removed from their meeting and Zoom’s security team will be notified.

Hosts and co-hosts can then resume the meeting and individually re-enable features they want to use. Zoom will follow up after the meeting with an email.

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This is enabled by default for all Zoom users.

In addition, hosts and co-hosts and also report users directly from the Zoom client by clicking the top-left security badge. Account owners and admins can enable reporting capabilities for all non-hosts in web settings.

Both new features are available on Zoom desktop clients for Mac, PC, and Linux, as well as mobile apps. Support for the web client and VDI will come later this year.

In a Zoom blog, the company highlighted its At-Risk Meeting Notifier, a security tool that scans public social media posts and other websites for publicly shared Zoom meeting links.

When a meeting is detected and found to be at high risk of being disrupted, Zoom alerts the account owner by email.

Zoom suggests never sharing a meeting ID or passcode on a public forum like social media.


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