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  • Zelwin, the Company Which Owns the Global Marketplace of Goods, Announced the Launch of a New Gaming Service zelwin.games!

A new direction in the Zelwin ecosystem is the gaming marketplace, which, over time, will be replenished with new games from the company and third-party developers. Zelwin has already signed a cooperation agreement with the Allwin Defi Project and released the first game for the ZelwinGames platform.

A new product called Allwin offers P2P betting on the cryptocurrencies rate movements. In case of a successful prediction, the player will receive a reward in the amount of 100% of the bet, minus the commission.

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The rate of crypto assets, which are available in Allwin as a tool for making forecasts, is displayed in US dollars. The game consists of rounds, each of which lasts 3 minutes. If the rate of your chosen asset has fallen/increased in percentage more than the rate of your opponent’s asset, you will receive a reward equal to 100% of the bet after deducting the commission. Bets can be placed in popular cryptocurrencies, in tokens of the Zelwin ecosystem (ZLW), as well as using VISA/MasterCard.

The duration of the rounds in the Allwin game is fixed and unchanged. Each new round begins immediately after the end of the previous one and lasts exactly 3 minutes. Thus, 20 rounds pass within an hour. It is important to note that the player is not limited in the number of bets during one round.

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You don’t need a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market to play Allwin. Another difference between the new project Zelwin and many similar games already existing on the market is absolute transparency. Each player will not depend on the solution of the system, algorithm or other software tools, the impartiality of which is often in doubt. Participants compete in the correctness of the prediction only with other participants: with friends, or random opponents.

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In addition, the entire community of the new ZelwinGames platform can earn extra money through the referral program, receiving up to 40% from referral commissions.

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