Yozma Group Expands Investment in South Korean Biotech Startups – BusinessKorea

Officials from the K-ICT Born2Global Centre and The Yozma Group pose for photo after signing a memorandum of understanding for global startup expansion on May 27, 2016.

The Yozma Group Korea announced on June 7 that it would expand its global acceleration program for venture firms in South Korea. Specifically, The Yozma Group Korea is planning to provide mentoring with global experts and make use of its global networks so that their cooperation with older and larger companies can be further promoted.

Established in 2014, The Yozma Group Korea has carried out tens of programs for startup acceleration. In addition, it set up a Yozma Bio-ICT Campus in Pangyo in order to make investments in South Korean biotech companies. Its investments have gone to new drug developer Bisichem, bio-AI technology company Syntekabio, biomarker developer Wellmarker Bio, SCM Lifescience, TCM Life Science, and many more. In addition, it carried out investment and technology transfer to the Weizmann Institute of Science in BioLeaders.

At present, The Yozma Group is providing extensive support so that promising biotechnologies can be popularized based on its global biopharmaceutical networks. For example, it is working with multiple hospitals in Israel for global business expansion of Sonist, which provides digital therapies for those with lung diseases.


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