Your Samsung TV just got a new free Sky channel and classic shows – here’s how to watch

If you have a Samsung TV then your holiday entertainment options just expanded thanks to several free upgrades that have appeared on devices this month. The Samsung TV Plus service that is built into Samsung tellies has added several new free streaming options to eligible devices, including the Sky Mix channel.

Samsung TV Plus is a FAST streaming platform – that stands for ‘free ad-supported television’ – that hosts free content without the need to sign up and pay for a service like Netflix or Disney+. Instead, you can access it directly from your TV so long as it’s hooked up to an internet connection.

With the addition of Sky Mix, Samsung TV owners can now watch season one of popular shows True Detective, Big Little Lies, and Gangs of London. That’s not a bad perk to get simply by owning a specific brand of TV. Sky Mix is now available on eligible Samsung TVs on channel 4155.

Not only that, the update is also bringing two huge US dramas to screens for free in the form of Mad Men and Narcos. Mad Men, the award-winning AMC show about advertising agencies in 1960s America, can be watched on Entertainment Hub, while Narcos, the show that plots the rise and fall of drug lord Pablo Escobar, is being serialised on the Crime Network.

“Samsung TV Plus continues to push the boundaries of what FAST can offer audiences – providing not just the best, high-quality content, but also the best of the best,” said Jennifer Batty, European head of content acquisition at Samsung TV Plus

“The Sopranos and Mad Men – both part of the golden age of television and both lauded as the greatest television series of all time – have now found a new home in FAST, allowing even more audiences to discover these incredible shows for the first time, or for old fans to rediscover and watch over and over again – all in a free-to-access environment.”

Samsung TV Plus is available on all Samsung phones and tablets as a free app from the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store, and is also an app on Samsung smart TVs released since 2016.


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