Your five-star hotel might not really be top notch, warns expert – plus giveaway sign you should always watch out for

EXPERTS have warned that five-star hotel might not really live up to the standard and there is a clear giveaway sign you should look out for.

Some hotels can claim they are top notch without a legitimate star rating but here’s what you need to check to find out the truth.

Some five star hotels might not live up to expectations


Some five star hotels might not live up to expectationsCredit: Alamy
Experts say there are clear giveaway signs you should look out for when staying


Experts say there are clear giveaway signs you should look out for when stayingCredit: Getty

Even savvy travellers might not realise that hotel rating system can vary greatly depending on a country.

Every country has its own governing body that determines how many stars to grant or what criteria to use for the rating.

Most countries have their tourism boards grant stars to hotels, and the system is specific to that region only.

A five-star hotel in the US can offer a drastically different experience from a five-star hotel in Italy.

This makes it harder for travellers to know what to expect when booking a top-notch room.

But if you want to get your money‘s worth, there is an expert tip you should follow to manage your expectations better.

The HotelStars project is the closest standardised hotel rating the industry has achieved, and it covers several countries, especially in the European countries.

But in the US, the criteria for ratings are more blurred than in Europe without any government supervision.

Although systems like AAA and Forbes Travel Guide are a good determining factor of quality, some hotels might opt to self-designate their star ratings.

Experts recommended to be beware of any establishments that don’t have a third-party approval.

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If you don’t see a logo of AAA or Forbes on the website, you might be in for disappointment.

The self-proclaimed luxury hotels might not live up to your expectations, and will leave you feeling like you threw your money away.

To avoid such devastating outcome and a ruined holiday, make sure to double-check that the hotel of your choice has a stamp of approval by an outside party.

Another expert has revealed that luxury hotels might be a waste of money, and travellers should avoid forking out extra on their accommodation.

Monica Humphries – a travel journalist who has stayed in her fair share of luxury accommodation – believes that, unless you’re staying for an extended period of time, a five-star hotel just isn’t worth the price tag.

In Monica’s opinion, a fleeting stay won’t allow you to make the most of the accommodation you’ve spent so much on.

Meanwhile, paying for a luxury room could also tempt you to spend more time inside and less time exploring your new destination.