Young climate activists plan to shout at MPs until Green New Bill is passed

Green New Deal Rising, the new UK youth movement is made up of 16-35 year olds, who have grown tired of the Government’s inaction towards climate change

Massive crowds of protesters descend on the Palace of Westminster in London
Massive crowds of protesters descend on the Palace of Westminster in London

Young climate activists have vowed to square up to MPs every time they make a public appearance until the Green New Deal bill is backed in Parliament.

The youngsters plan to “disrupt the political system” in a bid to “force” ministers into pushing climate change back up the agenda.

Green New Deal Rising, the new UK youth movement, will chant “where are you, our futures are burning” outside party HQs and in Westminster.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas told the Mirror she backed their initiative and described their activism as “truly inspiring”.

The group is made up of 16-35 years olds from the UK, and assembled in the run up to COP26 in November.

Young protestors plan on chanting outside Downing Street in a bid to push the Government to act on climate change


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The Green New Deal is a 10 year game changing plan to transform our world at the speed and scale required whilst putting people and communities front and centre.

Ms Lucas told the Mirror: “Young people have been instrumental in helping push the climate, nature and inequality crises up the political agenda.

“Their activism has been truly inspiring and I’m delighted that GND Rising are backing a cross-party Bill for a Green New Deal for Britain.”

Sir Keir Starmer has redoubled labour’s green efforts with his pledge to back the deal that aims to put the UK on path to becoming net zero by 2030.

Fatima Ibrahim from Green New Deal Rising said: “We are young people from all walks of life who have only known crises.

Green New Deal Rising have been inspired by the likes of Greta Thunberg



“We are scared for our futures and that’s why we are rising up for the Green New Deal – to stop climate change and build a world in which we can thrive. In the year that the UK hosts the most crucial UN climate talks we are miles behind where we need to be.”

It comes as buyers become more vigilant when choosing where to live because of climate change.

Research from First Mortgage, shows 40% of buyers may hire an independent surveyor to assess if their house is “climate change proof”.


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