You can bag free hotel stays this month by bartering with your skills

YOUR next stay at a hotel could be absolutely free – as long as you offer your skills in advance

More than 600 B&Bs and hotels around the world are letting guests stay in exchange for doing something for the property.

 Hotels are looking for your skills in exchange for a free room


Hotels are looking for your skills in exchange for a free roomCredit:

Barter Week, running between November 18 and 24, was set up by Italian website Bed and Breakfast Italy.

During the week, guests can offer to do something to be allowed the complimentary room.

The host will register their ‘wish’ for what needs to be done, which can then be accepted by potential visitors.

For example, in the UK, a guesthouse in Harrogate is looking for someone to paint the property, while a farmhouse in Wales wants help setting up their social media platforms.

Cocktail making, massage lessons, wood-working and professional photography are just some of the other requests.

 A house in Italy wants your best children's books


A house in Italy wants your best children’s booksCredit:
 A B&B in the UK wants you to teach them how to make cocktails


A B&B in the UK wants you to teach them how to make cocktailsCredit:

Some hotels are looking for items.

A B&B in Italy wants children’s books in foreign languages, a hostel in Russia is looking for board games, and a Croatian hostel wants antique furniture and clothing.

The project was launched in 2018 by Clara Corallo, from Sardinia, when she realised one of her clients on her bed and breakfast website was bartering with guests.

She told The Guardian that she then asked her properties to “experiment for a week” to see if it would work – with it doing so well that it is currently running for a second year.

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