You are seventy, going on sixty…

Last week, San Diego-based biotech company Rejuvenate Bio announced the startling results of a Harvard Medical School Lab study it had conducted – age reversal. Yes, it’s not just an anti-ageing jab but an actual age-reversal process that rejuvenates cells, reduces frailty and boosts heart and lung strength (if you’re not in a pollution-infested city). So, why haven’t you heard this news flashing across every media platform? Well, because, right now, the ‘breakthrough‘ is confined to mice. But the scientists believe that ‘something in humans’ could be out in the next five years. So, till then, hold your breath, save up (it won’t be cheap) and don’t age – then you may be able to take a stab at getting young again. This is not about just extending longevity, no matter what state of health one is in, but about making people biologically younger as well as more resilient against diseases, especially like cancer and dementia.

But while this is fantastic – who doesn’t want a world of healthy, young people, including those who are now old? – it also marks a time when getting older has never been so much fun. Instead of getting desperate to look/be/feel/behave young, older people are letting their hair down and let it all hang out. This is certainly a cheaper, more currently available option to the ‘You are 70, going on 60…’ work-in-progress.


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