World’s largest underground slide is hidden inside huge tourist attraction – and it’s just a few hours from the UK

SLIDE enthusiasts can head to a cheap European city to find the world’s largest underground slide.

Located in Graz in Austria, the slide at Schlossberg Hill claims to be the largest underground of it’s kind in the world.

The Schlossberg Slide is located inside Schlossberg Hill


The Schlossberg Slide is located inside Schlossberg HillCredit: Diesel GmbH
The slide is 175m long


The slide is 175m longCredit: Diesel GmbH

The Schlossberg Slide is hidden inside Schlossberg Hill – one of the city’s prime tourist attractions.

Over 1,000 years ago, Schlossberg Hill started life as a small castle perched atop a 470m-high hill.

But during the 16th century, the castle was transformed into a huge Renaissance fortress, which is now listed as the strongest fortification of all time by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Even the French emperor Napoleon struggled to take the fortress in the early 19th century.

Only after the French leader invaded Vienna did Graz surrender, with most of the fortifications being destroyed.

The historical attraction has been brought into the 21st century in recent years thanks to the arrival of more modern elements like the Schlossberg Slide.

Snaking along a 175-metre track and reaching speeds of up to 25km/h, the Schlossberg Slide takes visitors through the Schlossbergstollen caves in just 40 seconds.

As well as heading through the caves, the slide even winds around the Schlossberglift.

Visitors must be taller than 1.3m to go on the slide and use special mats too.

The Austrian slide has been praised by visitors on TripAdvisor, with one person saying: “It’s a great way to go down the mountain.”

Another added: “Fun for all ages, our whole family enjoyed going on the slide.”

While a third person wrote: “It’s a great break from sightseeing and visiting old European buildings.”

The Schlossberg Slide costs €6 (£5.10) per person to ride.

If you don’t fancy trying the world’s largest underground slide, then you’ll be relieved to know there are plenty of other things to keep visitors to Schlossberg Hill entertained, including a 4D experience.

The Flight Graz 4D Motion Ride takes visitors on a tour of 25 different attractions in the city, with tickets also costing €6 (£5.10) per person.

Combined tickets for both the Schlossberg Ride and the 4D experience cost €9 (£7.70) per person.

Overnight stays in Graz

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One of those places is the bell tower, which is one of only two fortifications to survive Napoleon’s invasion.

Built in 1588, the bell tower houses a famous bell called Liesl.

There’s also the 28-meter high clock tower, which is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks and often considered a romantic symbol of Graz.

Other attractions include the Gothic Gate – a fortress gate that was rediscovered in 198.

There’s also the Hackher Lion, which is a military monument honouring Major Franz Xaver Freiherr von Hackher who helped to withstand Napoleon’s siege.

There are no direct routes between the UK and Graz, instead holidaymakers will need to fly to Vienna.

Ryanair, Jet2 and Austrian Airlines operate direct routes between Manchester and Vienna, with prices starting from £17 per ticket.

Direct flights also operate from Edinburgh and London Stansted, with cheap tickets up for grabs there too.

There are plenty of affordable accommodation options in Graz, including Austria Trend Hotel Europa Graz Hauptbahnhof – a three-star hotel with prices from £84 per night.

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Meanwhile, this European city has been dubbed “Little Vienna” by visitors.

Visitors will be on the slide for 40 seconds


Visitors will be on the slide for 40 secondsCredit: Diesel GmbH
Tickets cost £5 per person


Tickets cost £5 per personCredit: Diesel GmbH


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