Workers to find out if they’re exempt from Pingdemic self-isolation rules TODAY, minister announces

WORKERS will formally find out TODAY if they’ll be exempt from pingdemic isolation rules, a Cabinet Minister has announced.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said a list of critical sectors will be released imminently amid a clamour from despairing bosses for clarity.

Workers will find out today if they're to be exempt from self-isolation


Workers will find out today if they’re to be exempt from self-isolationCredit: Alamy

The Government is not publishing a list of essential workers – like it did in the first lockdown – but singling out vital industries.

Mr Kwarteng revealed today: “We’re looking at different sectors, and we will be publishing today the sectors which will be affected.”

The top minister warned the scope of the list will be “very narrow”.

In key developments:

  • Mr Kwarteng insisted isolation rules for the double-jabbed will end on August 16
  • The Minister admitted the Government was “very concerned” about pictures of empty shelves
  • The boss of Iceland pleaded with shoppers not to panic-buy
  • Downing Street said even brides have to isolate if pinged on their wedding day

In his Freedom Day speech Boris Johnson name-checked a handful of industries in line for exemption, if the workers have been double-jabbed.

They include food and water supply, power supply, medicines, public transport, border force and the armed forces.

Fully vaccinated NHS workers have already been exempt to stop hospitals grinding to a halt.

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It is unclear if everyone working in those sectors will be exempt or whether bosses will still have to apply to Whitehall departments for consideration on a “case-by-case basis”.

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Government guidance published today will flesh out how the system will work.

Mr Kwarteng admitted the Government was “concerned” by photos of bare shelves in supermarkets, but said it wasn’t a “universal” problem.

He told BBC Radio 4: “Shoppers shouldn’t be panicking… I’m not panicking.”

Isolation for double-jabbed Brits who are pinged or contacted by NHS Test and Trace will end on August 16.

Millions have been deleting the app to avoid isolation as the Delta variant rips.

But Downing St has pleaded with people to stick with it, saying it’s “crucial” to lowering the spread.

Mr Kwarteng admitted the Government was "concerned" by photos of bare shelves in supermarkets
Mr Kwarteng admitted the Government was “concerned” by photos of bare shelves in supermarkets
Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng says govt will announce a ‘quite narrow’ list of exempt workers as covid pingdemic hits supermarket shelves



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