Woody Harrelson health: Actor suffered from 'terrible acne' and 'mucus' before diagnosis

“So from there it was like, ‘What else are they lying about?’ I just started realising, there are all these things we are brought up to believe that are just a total hoax, just bull**** advertising, you know?”

In another interview, where Harrelson is seemingly advocating about the importance of eating well and cutting out fast foods, he addresses his remarkable health change again, saying: “All the changes that happened to me are all related to energy.

“It makes sense to me that celebrities are health nuts. I mean, you can’t play a leading man if you’re fat with acne, right? Acne’s part of how I got into all of this!

“I used to have terrible acne on my face: red, splotchy discolouration. And mucus – I was constantly blowing my nose. Then one day, this woman sits down next to me on a bus, and says, ‘You’re lactose-intolerant.’ It all cleared up in three days. That changed my life. Doctors couldn’t figure it out.”


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