Wooden Chest of Drawers

Wooden Chest of Drawers

The versatility of natural materials is astonishing. They fit seamlessly into any space, adding coziness and character to it. They are an element of style that never gets boring and never goes out of fashion. Their diversity gives you a multitude of choices and combinations that you can create yourself.

The Inexhaustible Inspiration

Wood has an extremely wide range of colours which can be additionally enriched by the way it is finished. A raw finish can be a great addition to an industrial and rustic style. Colourless oils and varnishes will bring out the natural colour of the wood. In turn, tinted wood gives completely new possibilities. From a slight change of shade to a complete change of colour while preserving the original pattern of wood – the only limit is our imagination. The matte finish on our chests of drawers imitates the natural finish of wood, additionally preserving the three-dimensional texture, thanks to which the play of light on this surface is very striking.

The drawing of wood is an original decoration. The unique patterns are different for each piece and for each kind. From the well-known oak rings to the unique patterns of exotic species – the choice is boundless.

Choose from Countless Options

You can create an unrepeatable interior by choosing unique wenge wood. Its colour will bring elegance to any interior. It has an extraordinary colour – coffee-chocolate dark brown with shades of purple. It also has a pattern like no other type of wood that resembles the pattern on quail feathers. It will blend in with any classic interior and become a bold vintage accent in bright interiors. It’s also dark enough to create a beautiful contrast with white.

Speaking of wood finishes, it is impossible not to mention oak. This type of wood with an unusually long tradition has a whole range of colours. The lightest one we offer is Sonoma oak. Its bright and neutral shade is a welcome addition to any room in your home. Perfect for kitchen cabinets, but also in the office, in the child’s room or in the bathroom. The beautiful drawing of this wood will add charm to any piece of furniture. In addition, it blends beautifully with white, creating very fashionable combinations. A chest of drawers in this finish will be a beautiful dressing table or an addition to your wardrobe. 

Lancelot Oak has a warmer, more honey like colour. It will bring a little sunshine to any interior. The finish in this color is traditionally associated with oak and inspires confidence. It creates the desired look with black, complementing the effect of the loft style in every place.

A more modern shade of oak is Wotan. This variant, a few shades darker, is highly appreciated by fans of today’s trends. It is more gray, darker colour and fits well into the loft and industrial style. In combination with anthracite gray, it creates a cult composition for more austere interiors, while with white it creates a perfectly fresh and calming duo.

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The Unmistakable Choice for Everyone

The uniqueness of natural patterns is an excellent addition to any interior. A wood finish is as unmistakable choice as classic white and black. Wooden surfaces never go out of style and their patterned surfaces are extremely easy to keep clean.

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