'Wonky shopping trolley PM's "freedom" logic not just twisted – it's reckless'

It is hard to detect a rational explanation for what Boris Johnson is doing and Dominic Cummings’s jibe about him being a wonky shopping trolley has rarely been more apt

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Boris Johnson today claimed there was a ‘logic’ behind his Covid plans.

If there is a rational explanation for what the Prime Minister is doing it is hard to detect.

Many people will struggle to see the logic of scrapping face masks and ending social distancing when cases are continuing to rise.

They will ask what is the logic which sees ministers tell us at one point to enjoy a great British summer and the next moment to exercise caution.

Nor will they understand the logic behind introducing mandatory vaccine passports for nightclubs but not for at least eight weeks.

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The Prime Minister swerves from one position to the next


Sky News)

If nightclubs are hothouses for the virus then why not act now rather than wait for eight months?

Dominic Cummings’s jibe about the Prime Minister being a wonky shopping trolley has rarely been more apt.

The Prime Minister swerves from toasting Freedom Day to preaching people to take more responsibility.

He has gone from saying the lifting of restrictions will be irreversible to warning that the curbs may have to be reintroduced.

Mr Johnson likes to boast that Britain is a world beater. In one sense he is right, no other country in the world has yet to take such an almighty gamble with people’s lives.

The logical path would be to retain some of restrictions to contain the spread of infections and keep as many people out of hospital as possible.

Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Vallance (L) and Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Van Tam (R) look on as Johnson speaks via video link


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The Prime Minister today rejected this course of action as it would be “delaying the inevitable.”

The only plausible interpretation for these remarks is he is he is willing to accept more deaths and more cases of long Covid.

That’s not just twisted logic, it’s reckless.


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