Wizz Air branded ‘sexist’ over scantily-clad woman on plane safety card

A WIZZ Air passenger has accused the airline of sexism because of the illustrations on their plane safety cards.

The drawings feature a woman going through the safety procedures in a very tight, short dress.

 Wizz Air have been accused of sexism for using a scantily clad woman on the safety card

Laura Watkin/Twitter

Wizz Air have been accused of sexism for using a scantily clad woman on the safety card

Twitter user Laura Watkin wrote: “Really @wizzair?! Surely the bare legs would result in serious chafing on the emergency slide? #jobsforwomen #everydaysexism #bodycon #stereotype.”

In the images, the woman is spotted putting her life jacket on, opening the emergency door and leaving the plane – all while sporting a short, tight-fitting dress.

Another twitter user replied: “Good grief!”

Laura isn’t the first to notice the woman’s inappropriate attire, with another passenger calling out the sexism: “Why does @wizzair feel the need to draw cleavage on this safety guide? @EverydaySexism”

Passenger Antonio tweeted earlier this year: “Still on @wizzair.. What’s with safety leaflets? The hostess portrayed here is a very sexy one, I’d say TOO SEXY even.

“A bit of sideboob makes the cut here.

“My favourite one is this, where you can [see] some cleavage possibly, but again lots of boobs.”

Another remarked: “Interesting @wizzair safety instruction card. In some of them it looks like the stewardess hasn’t got any clothes on!”

Stag in drag does the Ryanair safety demo on Flight FR3501 Manchester to Hamburg

Twitter user Pablo said: “@wizzair do you think that the woman on your safety card is a little over sexualised?? #Bootilicious”

Another person joked: “Whoever designed the @wizzair safety procedures card should probably have had a cold shower first.”

Other airline safety cards, such as British Airways and Ryanair, feature less revealing passengers who wear more appropriate clothing,

A recent plane safety card mix up led to terrified passengers thinking they were on a Boeing 737 Max 8 after the planes were all grounded.

Thankfully the Norwegian safety cards were simply a standard on all flights, not just on Boeing 737s.

Sun Online Travel has contacted Wizz Air for comment.



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