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The troubled, late pandemic Tokyo Olympics will finally begin this week, but will the global sports showcase be a must-see TV even if there are no fans on the stands?

Anxious NBC executives are definitely outbreaking in the river of flop sweatshirts.

Cases of COVID-19 are increasing in Tokyo, and the game postponed last year due to fear of the coronavirus will be held almost empty to minimize health risks. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga recently announced that an emergency will continue throughout the Olympics.

This is a big disappointment for NBC Universal. NBCUniversal spends billions of dollars on exclusive broadcast rights and relies on images of enthusiastic, flag-waving, guts pose audiences to amplify the excitement of viewers watching from home. The noise of corrugated cardboard cutouts and piped crowds cannot replace that type of juice.

In addition to disappointment, there is the jarring reality that many Japanese believe that the Olympics should be cancelled. Talk about buzz kills. (For Americans, CBS News Poll In late June, it became clear that the majority of Americans wanted the game to continue. )

Still, NBC is working hard. The company plans to cover more than 7,000 hours on two broadcast networks (NBC and Telemundo) and six cable channels (USA, CNBC, NBCSN, Olympics) to capture all actions from aquatic to wrestling. Channel, Golf Channel, Universo) and multiple digital platforms, including Peacock, a streaming service a year ago.

NBC will broadcast live in the morning for the first time due to the large time difference between Japan and the United States, which began to move in earnest at the opening ceremony on Friday.

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For a red-eye west coast die hard, that means a wake-up call at 4am. If that’s too difficult, you can continue the traditional golden-time broadcast of the network on Friday night. Featuring Team USA’s special coverage, along with pre-recorded performances, pageants, and Parade of Nations.

And from Friday to August 8th, Olympic programming will continue to rage. Plan to spend a lot of face-to-face time with Mike Tillico, the organizer of the NBC In-Studio Olympics.

But what you definitely miss is the live audience and the cozy atmosphere they offer.

In dealing with the situation with The Hollywood Reporter, an NBC spokesman said, “Unfortunately, this doesn’t hurt the incredible story and achievements of Team USA and athletes around the world.” I tried to put a positive spin on.

Maybe so. Olympic games generally offer the most attractive brands of reality TV, even with significant flaws. Few of the events that air on television have the power to move us to cheers, tears, and gasping every night.

But it is the audience that enhances the spectacle.

Anyone who witnesses the just-completed NBA Finals at ABC can prove that the scene of an enthusiastic crowd inside and outside the arena is repacked. A year after playing the game in the sterile “foam” of the sky, Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns reminded us that sport is a noisy, fun, community experience.

And the TV rating confirms that. Despite the surge among locked-down Americans for other home entertainment options such as streaming and games, virtually all major sports league Nielsen numbers have fallen sharply during the pandemic. Experts attribute the decline in watching sports, at least in part, to the lack of fans on the stands.

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It has to worry about NBC and various Olympic sponsors who may not get such lucrative vitality from the Olympics they expect. However, there was no shortage of backers.NBC reportedly 120 advertisers lined up at the Tokyo event — 20 more than the 2016 Rio Games — and generated $ 1.2 billion in advertising revenue.

And don’t forget to support athletes who don’t even have fans or even families at the greatest moments of their lives. Will their performance suffer?

When it comes to NBC, the network has an important element. It’s Team USA.

After winning a total of 121 medals in the Rio game and leading all nations, American athletes are expected to become Tokyo’s leading players again. Did anyone say “homerism”? Look for Tirico and the company to get special attention to Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, Kevin Durant and other star-studded competitors in the hope of preventing viewers from escaping to Netflix.

But will it be rewarded with a big rating? Whether NBC can win a gold medal in Tokyo or drop a medal on the podium will be known in a few days.

Will Olympics without fans still be must-see TV? – Press Enterprise Source link Will Olympics without fans still be must-see TV? – Press Enterprise



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