Will insurers cover travellers who test positive for Covid while abroad?

Q What happens in terms of insurance for someone who tests positive prior to travelling back from abroad, even though they have no symptoms? They will presumably need to quarantine locally. Will the insurer cover the resulting costs?

Ian J via the latest “Ask Me Anything” at independent.co.uk/travel

A Cases when a passenger tests positive for coronavirus while abroad are likely to increase as the summer progresses and more people travel. It is a messy situation, with many moving parts, including the policy of the country that you happen to be in when you are diagnosed with a case of Covid. In Greece, for example, you will be transferred to “a specific self-isolation hotel” for two weeks, with the costs covered by the Greek government. In this event there would be no significant travel insurance implication – airlines will typically allow you to change flights home without penalty in the event of a positive Covid test. If you are on a package holiday, talk to the tour operator and see if they will cover the costs involved.


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