Why is Mobile Tech Boosting Revenue in the Gaming Industry?

Why is Mobile Tech Boosting Revenue in the Gaming Industry?
As mobile technology continues to progress, giving users the chance to play on-the-go, console gaming may become much less popular in the future

Nowadays, a large majority of the revenue that is being funneled into the gaming industry comes from mobile gaming. This on-the-go method of entertainment is shaking up the sector on a worldwide scale, with the mobile market expected to surpass $116 billion in 2024. This leaves us wondering – what is it that makes users more attracted to mobile gaming solutions over console ones or even PC titles? In this article we take a look at a few of the factors that could explain this momentous growth surge.

One Word: Convenience

Perhaps the number one reason many gamers try out mobile gaming is because they want to feel that added convenience factor that is not available in other forms of gaming. This may be why they initially arrive on the scene, but it is also why they never leave! After all, the portability of mobile games gives them their universal appeal, allowing users to engage 24/7 whether on their train ride home from work, whilst waiting in line at the store, or at any other point in the day. Additionally, because these games exist directly on a user’s smartphone, they don’t take up space in the house and are stored digitally for easier access and a heightened level of organization.

A Diverse Selection That Maintains Quality

Some people may think that mobile gamers compromise gaming quality for convenience, but with advanced technologies that have improved graphics and visuals across the board, this is not the case. For instance, even on a smaller mobile screen, today’s leading titles from Electronic Arts, including Madden, The Sims, FIFA and more, are just as clean and crisp as they appear on a PC or console. Another example of this can be seen in the context of online casino platforms, as hundreds of slot games each with their own storyline and theme infiltrate the web. Here, vivid spinning reels are presented to users without missing a beat in terms of design aesthetics. So, whether they opt to play with a mobile or tablet on-the-go, users can rest assured that the experience is just as engaging and visually pleasing.

Games with Imbedded Social Features

Gaming designers and developers know how important social media has become in today’s society. With a population whose daily activities include scrolling on Instagram, posting on Twitter, and sharing videos on TikTok, it’s clear that modern gamers also enjoy these activities. That’s why the implementation of social features within mobile games has encouraged more and more users to join the mobile gaming scene. These top-performing titles feature push notifications, in-game chat opportunities, sharable content, challenges, leaderboards and much more. One of the earliest accounts of this was Candy Crush’s Facebook version, which saw countless users sync mobile gameplay with social media interactions. Because they help users stay connected while playing, communities of gamers are built seamlessly, and engagement rates rise in the process. There’s no doubt that more of these social games will be launched in the years to come.

Embedded social features allow gaming communities to flourish  

Budget-Friendly for Users

In addition to all the above benefits, another reason that contributes to market growth is the fact that mobile games are significantly cheaper than those available for console or PC gameplay. In fact, many mobile titles are free to try, or even completely free to download on iOS and Android devices. This low-cost advantage gives more users the chance to engage with the games they love, or those that they have been wanting to test out. Mobile payments have also made transactions for gaming titles easier and faster than ever before.

So, there you have it – some surefire reasons that support why mobile gaming is on the rise. If you happen to be in the market for a new smartphone for gaming, but missed the best Black Friday deals this year, be sure to check out this list of premium gaming phones that features some major bargains.

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