why are iPhones so thick when it comes to texts from people with two phones? – Mac Rumors

this really annoys me. its 2021.

my wife has a work android phone and a personal iPhone.

as apple allows, I have her as a contact, with both phones listed separately. this isnt voodoo. its pretty normal.

when she phones me, it lists which phone its coming from. if I miss a call, I can return the call to the phone she used.

when she texts me though, it comes through to the same thread no matter what phone. that I dont mind, its neater.

but, the default is to text to her iPhone. so if her iPhone is dead, and she texts me from her android phone, and I hit reply, it goes to her dead iPhone. which is really stupid. just imho.

ideally it would keep the same thread but text back to the last text I received or in an ideal world it would be able to ping to see if the default phone is connected.



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