WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund launches Balanced Advantage Fund

WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund today announced the launch of its new fund offer (NFO) – ‘WhiteOak Capital Balanced Advantage Fund’. The NFO will be open from January 20 to February 3rd.

This is an open-ended dynamic asset allocation scheme investing in equities (65-100%), arbitrage (0-50%), and debt/cash in the range of 0-35% with weight of net equities in the range of 30-80%. The scheme will be benchmarked against BSE Sensex TRI.

According to the press release, the fund house’s proprietary model will provide broad guidance regarding the relative valuation levels and scope of the asset allocation opportunities in the market. The fund house said that the model will help earn better returns by: reducing downside during a falling market, providing reasonable participation in a rising market and providing a stable investment option under various market conditions.

Aashish Somaiyaa, CEO, WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund, said, “Our latest offering is aimed at providing a full-fledged suite of MF products to our investors. The Balanced Advantage Fund will help investors to safeguard their portfolio from volatility and will provide diversification for investors with exposure to large, mid or thematic equity funds.”

“Our latest fund will provide an asset allocation solution for investors to take benefit of market volatility. WhiteOak Capital AMC aims to help financialization of assets across the country, especially in B30 locations,” said Prateek Pant, CBO, WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund.


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