WHICH Older Rare Oddity Cars And Trucks Really EXCITE YOU? –

It hard to find anyone who doesn’t love something like a split-window 60’s Corvette, old Mercedes SL or a Vintage Plymouth Road Runner.

Almost anyone who sees one at a classic show is all over them.

But there are SO many cool cars that were never really that popular but to some are to die for.

And they bring back memories and move them in a way the more popular classics don’t.

I have a LOT of them. But for this article I’ll use one example to get your creative juices flowing…

I LOVE old Mercury Cougars. Even MORE than old Mustangs.

Something about those hideaway headlights, the image of the brand and the famous line ‘The Sign Of The CAT!”

So Spies, tell US WHICH ones really do it for YOU?


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