Which car glass cleaner is best?

NAME Armor All Glass Cleaner

Price £6.00 (500ml)

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Price per litre? £12.00

If you don’t mind the rather chemically smell, the Armor All does a decent job even on very dirty exterior glass, as well as on the typical dust film that builds up on a car’s interior. It does need some heavy buffing to get it streak free, so the cloth is doing some of the heavy lifting, but overall it’s not bad at all. 

Autocar says: 3 stars

CarPlan No.1 Super Glass Cleaner

Price £9.00 (600ml)

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Price per litre? £15

The CarPlan cleaner was virtually scent-free, which is an unusual and refreshing change for a glass cleaner. It also does a good job of getting the glass fresh and clean, but while it does the job you expect, it also doesn’t really seem to cut through the dirt more easily, or leave any more of a shine than some of the cheaper alternatives. It’ll clean your glass, for sure, but others are just as good if not better – and they’ll cost less, too.


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