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BROCKTON — Happy Friday, everyone! What better way to end your work week than with an ice-cold beer and a hot, juicy burger fresh off the grill, made with love?

On this week’s installment of Brockton Eats with Alisha, we’re enjoying our pre-weekend turn-up with delicious burgers, fries and beer. We found some unique places with a twist on the classic American burger and more.

These weekly lists of tidbits and food finds are not reviews but go beyond a bare-bones round-up. Staff writer Alisha Saint-Ciel gives tips and takes to help Brockton-area foodies find those mouth-watering hidden gems, old favorites, and exciting new offerings.

Enjoy the deep inner city views of cars flying by on the main road and the smell of seasoned burgers sizzling in the open layout kitchen. Two local siblings, Christos and Markos Liapopoulos, are the chefs behind the madness. They both suggest the Brockton Beer Company Burger, better known as the “BBC Burger,” a half-pound beef patty made with short rib brisket and chuck, topped with homemade bacon bourbon jam, brie cheese, arugula and house-made beer pickles. 

The chef’s second suggestion on the menu when it comes to burgers to try is the IPA chimichurri burger, which is IPA chimichurri smothered with cotija cheese, mesclun greens, onions, tomatoes and house beer pickles. 

I suggest you guys try the Wagyu smash burgers for just a two-dollar upcharge. 

“The Wagyu burger is almost mosaic,” Markos said. 

When the chefs smash it thin, it has super crispy edges and pockets of beautiful fat oozing to make it extra crispy. 

The texture of the meat has a “different mouth feel” than anything you’ve tasted, Markos said. 

Here at Brockton Beer Company, the “food speaks for itself.”

Marinated lamb, braised octopus Traditional Greek flavors run deep at Taunton restaurant

Barrett’s is not in Brockton, but definitely worth the drive. The ale house is the perfect spot to watch live music and enjoy “the best burger in town,” according to their website. The business has been open for some time now, and they’re not shy when it comes to announcing that they have the “best burger.”

The menu comprises an interesting flare of classic burger creations, including the Buffalo Dip Burger, Pineapple Sweet Chili Burger and the Grilled Cheeseburger wrap. All the burgers are a mix of brisket and chuck with toppings you might not have seen anywhere else.

To my surprise, the Grilled Cheeseburger wrap is an actual burger with bacon, lettuce, onions, cheddar cheese, dill pickle aioli and a pressed flour tortilla. 

Would you be adventurous and try this burger?

Put hot Haitian food in your cart Food blogger serves up hot Haitian food buffet-style at Brockton and Randolph supermarkets

It may seem like the meat eaters are taking over, but don’t worry, I did not forget about my planet-loving vegans and vegetarians.

Top Knotch Wellness Center has an “amazing” vegan burger, according to its owners. They also have a full vegan menu of pizza, burgers, wraps, tacos and Jamaican and Haitian patties in six flavors. You can indulge in the classic vegan burger with red onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese and house-made chipotle pikliz. 

The restaurant is focused on mainly maintaining health and wellness through its products, supplements and food made from scratch at the restaurant.

Bob Cat’s serves “food for the soul.” Their burger will have you rethink the traditional dining experience. Not only do they have burgers, but made-to-order deep-fried wings in several flavors, as well as salmon, shrimp, chicken, salad and loaded fries with many sides.

The owner recommends trying golden fever-loaded fries, grilled honey garlic salmon with two sides of mac and cheese and spinach. His favorite dish on the truck is a grilled burger, and you can get any toppings, including mac and cheese, plus bacon if your heart desires.

I suggest trying the “Monster Burger” with mac and cheese, BBQ sauces, crafted seasonings and fries.

Taste of Brazil — 696 Crescent St., Brockton 

Taste of Brazil offers a literal “taste of Brazil” with its handmade patties, seared on the grill and topped with Brazilian seasonings. 

Customers enjoy the fresh burgers made the “Brazilian way” topped with fried cassava or French fries. The X Bacon burger is a traditional hamburger with bacon, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, corn, potato sticks, peas and mayonnaise. 

They even have a veggie burger with grilled mushrooms, Swiss cheese and lettuce served with fries. 

The burgers are different from your average burgers. They have unique toppings that are worth a try. 


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