When Gautam Met Mamata

Utter confusion has broken out in all parts of Bengal and many parts of India. Gautam Adani not only met Mamata Banerjee on Thursday, but he even gloated about it with a ‘Dr Livingstone, I presume?’ photo on Twitter. Didi sceptics are puzzled. This is that hellcat who sent the Tatas back – when the commies wanted the Tatas in.

At the same time, the ‘Revolution Has Been Postponed But the Days of Neoliberalism are Numbered’ folks are appalled that their Joan of Kalighat is posing with a poster boy of (Gujarati!) capitalism. A few, of course, who always thought Didi was the cat’s paw for a more, shall we say, money-minded party are now murmuring, ‘We told you so,’ in dire dialectics.

But what’s up? One cliche, at least, is down. A CM who’s honed her metier by being hostile towards men in suits – in a terrain that has taken perverse pleasure in being hostile to men in suits – knows that one way to keep her legacy growing (in time and geography) is, to take a line from Donald-da, to Make Bengal Great Again – for which wealth creation isn’t a bad idea.

And, making wealth creators not feel like class enemies in the Soviet Union is a good start. But the best thing that Gautam-da and Didi have done is confuse folks about their set notions. Not just about Ma, Money, Manush, but also about thinking of doing business with Bengalis.


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