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A new bug in WhatsApp has been detected by security experts and users are recommended to be cautious.

WhatsApp was found to be infected by a bug, which could be a danger to user privacy as it allows hackers to get access to your WhatsApp chats. This bug was pointed out by Google’s Project Zero team, they also revealed that iOS users are under threat after they click on any compromised website that has been circulating in messages.

It is being advised to iOS users that they should update their devices with the latest OS by Apple. It might help in dodging this bug. Also, they should be really careful about clicking on any suspicious mail that might lead them to a malicious website and make you vulnerable to hackers.

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WhatsApp was affected by a bug that allowed hackers to access private chats

To stay away from the radar of this WhatsApp security bug, iOS users are advised not to visit any unauthorised website. Image: Reuters

According to the report, Google researcher Ian Beer, when the hackers get access to the WhatsApp chats, they start sending these hacked messages as plain texts over a server. Reportedly, only a few websites have the potential to hack the devices and users should strictly avoid visiting any unauthorised website. It is not only the texts that the hackers can get access to, but they can also get access to media files and locations via these chats.

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