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‘What’s the point of life?’ Pensioners struggle with lack of support as energy bills rise

“While these funds have provided vital support we have heard worrying reports regarding access, with some local authorities making it difficult for older people without an internet connection or email address.”

The Government has faced criticism for only hiking benefit payments by 3.1 percent, while the current rate of inflation stands at seven percent.

On this issue, Ms Abrahams said: “As part of Age UK’s ‘It doesn’t add up’ campaign, the Charity is calling for the Government to urgently increase benefits and the state pension in line with inflation to help all those on a low income – irrespective of age – who will otherwise be in deep trouble as prices continue to rise.

“As well as this, Age UK is also calling for: A one-off payment of £500 to those on the lowest incomes would also help enormously to mitigate the impact of energy price increases.”


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