What's in the Tory EU election manifesto? Conservative policies for 2019 poll

Theresa May is having to fight European elections that she repeatedly insisted would not be happening.

The £150million poll is due to take place on May 23 and other parties have launched manifestos and policies for the big event.

But the Conservatives – who are still battling to ensure the MEPs never have to take their seats – have done very little to address the upcoming vote.

There’s no firm manifesto and launch event – just a leaflet that’s gone out to households.

Here’s what you need to know about the Tory policies.


What’s in the Tory EU election manifesto?

The short answer is we don’t know.

Because there isn’t one yet.

And it’s actually not certain that the Tories will even produce one.



Nigel Farage’s party have hit the ground running

Both Labour and the Tories unveiled 28-page booklets setting out their approach to a range of issues including climate change, citizens’ rights and working rights.

While the Brexit Party has been quick off the mark to send out election literature setting out its policies.

In contrast the Conservatives seem to still be burying their heads in the sand about the upcoming election.

This is largely because they face a humiliating result with the latest Comres poll putting them on just 14% with Labour on 27% and the Brexit Party on 26%.

But what is the Tory position on Brexit now?

Theresa May says the UK would have left if MPs backed her deal

Downing Street still insist that Theresa May wants to get a deal passed through the House of Commons – despite the fact that her deal has been defeated three times.

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At Prime Minister’s Questions this week Mrs May continued her criticism of fellow Tories who refuse to vote for her deal – saying that if it was up to her the UK would have already left the EU.

The Tories and Labour have been locked in cross-party talks to try and find a way through the parliamentary logjam.

But sources suggest that the talks are not going well.

So what is the Tory election literature?

So far we’ve had a leaflet sent to voters, above.

Even that has enraged Tory MPs – because it directs voters to a website that “names and shames” those who refused to back the Brexit deal.

Importantly, it also fails to mention the Prime Minister’s central goal of an independent trading policy.

Some have interpreted that as softening up the party for a deal with Labour to introduce a customs union between the UK and EU.

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