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The Olympic Games in Tokyo may be the strangest thing in modern history, but athletes have replaced suits with the center stage. Thus, medals, great performances, and star quality are beginning to permeate our collective consciousness beyond vacancies, positive COVID-19 tests, and fierce remarks from politicians and IOC leaders.

This is reminiscent of the power of the Olympic brand and is often deaf and greedy.

Also, don’t forget that it’s Los Angeles’ turn in seven years. There is already a sense that Southern California, which revived the tournament in 1984, could once again host change in 2028.

In fact, if the process hasn’t started yet.

LA is one of the few US cities that has been bidding on the Olympics over and over again. It was the only American to stand 24 years after losing in the USOC competition for American candidates for the 2012 and 2016 games (New York and Chicago, respectively), passing in 2020, and dropping out of Boston. It was a city.

However, the number of cities of interest around the world has declined, and the IOC has dramatically changed its selection process, moving away from member voting. In September 2017, we hosted the 24th Olympic Games in Paris and the 2028 Olympic Games in LA in response to both remaining bidders. And last week, Brisbane, Australia, announced that it would be the host for 2032.

Ann Owens, an associate professor of sociology at USC, said: “I think this is kind of like agreeing that from the bidding process where cities were spending millions of dollars on bidding, everyone, not everyone, (most) people are extreme. It’s become a non-competitive process, so there’s probably a midpoint we might come back to. ”

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Owens, who admits she’s a big fan of the Olympics, investigates the pursuit of LA’s Third Games and goes through the process of “Returning the Olympics to Los Angeles: The History of the Southern California Olympic Commission from 1984 to 2014.” I recorded it. Introduced by former SCOOG Chairman Barry Sanders. It will soon be available as an eBook through Amazon.

The IOC was awarded to two people in Paris / LA because of the declining number of cities of interest and fear of the possibility that there would be no bidders for 28 years if the loser for 24 years withdrew. did.

“They have never expressed it that way,” Sanders said. “But that’s certainly what they were thinking.”

The result is a streamlined, if not democratic, selection method. Older methods included large bids, grand promises, and sometimes something small on the side that slipped into influential people to help influence the vote. When it was the seller’s market, the IOC set the terms, demanded a legacy construction project, and argued that only the host city would be a hook for financial shortages.

Los Angeles and SCOOG, which has existed since 1939, were stubborn in pursuing a third game. LA, held in 1932 during the Great Depression, In each case, the city was the only bidder, and in each case the tournament made money instead of running a deficit.

The 1932 Olympics surprisingly attracted 1.25 million spectators and earned $ 1 million. 1984, LA It was the only bidder left when Tehran withdrew, Extract monetary concessions from the IOC using your own leverage and finally Cost effective Despite the boycott of the eastern block, a corporate-funded spectacle that transformed the Olympic business model And it made a profit of $ 232.5 million. until today, LA84 Foundation We have used the weather to support youth sports organizations and activities in Southern California.

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(not only that, The highway has run smoothly for the past two weeks. Maybe that is Why Organizing Committee President Peter Ueberroth won a standing ovation at the closing ceremony of the year. )

LA reappears with a similar philosophy at similar times on the Olympic timeline, but this time the city did not get a waiver of financial guarantees. (City and state share responsibility, but And the current forecast budget That’s $ 6.2 billion. According to The Wall Street Journal, Tokyo’s initial budget was $ 7 billion. However, the budget is currently $ 15.4 billion, and Japanese government auditors say total spending is over $ 20 billion. )

The 2028 game will be held primarily at existing venues, as in 1984. Since then, Staples Center, USC’s Galen Center, Anaheim’s Honda Center, two MLS stadiums, and Inglewood’s SoFi stadium have all been online. The Coliseum and Pauly Pavilion have been refurbished. By ’28, the new Inglewood Clippers arena should also open. Similarly, the metro rail system, which did not exist in 1984, will be expanded.

Owens’ work states that the concept of the 1984 UCLA and USC twin athlete village concept was not a beginner this time. There is pressure to build a complete Olympic Village elsewhere, A piggy backyard along the LA river was proposed as a possibility. However, Sanders confirmed that the 28-year-old village was in UCLA.

What will the 2028 L.A. Olympics look like? – Press Enterprise Source link What will the 2028 L.A. Olympics look like? – Press Enterprise



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