What to except from Samsung Unpacked 2020 event

Samsung is kicking off the 2020 phone season next Wednesday with what’s expected to be a slew of new Galaxy Note models, an updated Fold phone, and several other products.

Google is expected to follow next week (August 5) as well with a new edition of the Pixel phone. At its heels in September, Apple traditionally unveils new iPhones.

Samsung has already offered sneak peeks at the products for Wednesday’s Unpacked event with a teaser video on YouTube, which shows the outlines of the new Galaxy Note and Fold phones, a tablet, watch and earbuds.

The top of the line Note phone is expected to be very large and very pricey, according to Android Authority, clocking in at 7 inches for the screen and starting at $1,699 for the price.

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That would make it Samsung’s largest smartphone, by a tenth of an inch. The Galaxy S20 Ultra, introduced in February, clocks in at 6.9 inches. By comparison, the top of the line iPhone, the 11 Pro Max, is 6.5 inches. And the Note 10+, introduced last August, has a 6.8 inch screen.

In February, Samsung introduced new editions of the Galaxy S series of smartphones, the S20 ($999) S20+ ($1,199) and S20 Ultra 5G ($1,399). The Note has traditionally been larger than the S series, at least until this year’s crop of S phones, and comes with a stylus pen for navigation and writing.

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Android Authority expects 3 new Note phones, along with the updated Fold phone Samsung teased on YouTube. Last year’s Fold phone, released in October, sold for a whopping $1,980, easily the most expensive of any smartphone on the market, and has two screens that fold out, measuring at 7.3 inches and 4.6 inches, or a combined 11.9 inches.

Samsung, as evidenced by the YouTube teaser, also has updated earbuds, a watch and tablets to show off.

According to XDA Developers, a mobile software forum, one feature of the new watch will allow users to control the device by using gestures, such as answering a call by clenching and unclenching a fist.

While Apple’s iPhone dominates smartphone sales in the United States, Samsung is the worldwide leader, selling 296 million phones in 2019, compared to 207 million for Apple according to researcher Gartner.

The Samsung Unpacked event will be presented online, on August 5 at 10 a.m. ET.

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