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What to do if you have a cluttered mutual fund portfolio with too many laggards

Not many investors know whether they have invested in the right funds and if their fund portfolio is on track. The Portfolio Doctor assesses the health of the fund portfolio, examines the schemes and their suitability with regard to the goals and, if required, recommends corrective measures. The advice given is based on the performance of the funds, the risk profile of the investor as well as his financial goals.

Pradeep Sharma is saving for multiple goals. Here’s what the doctor has advised him:




  • Started investing in ELSS funds to save tax nine years ago.
  • Added more schemes after good experience with ELSS.
  • Tends to invest in top performing schemes, but doesn’t get rid of earlier ones.
  • Hence, he holds too many funds. Portfolio is too cluttered.
  • Needs to remove underperformers and overlapping schemes.
  • House purchase goal is near, so he must shift to the safety of fixed income.
  • Car purchase and foreign holiday goals not included in analysis.
  • Avoid investing in more funds. Just 7-8 funds are enough.
  • Take Rs.2 crore life insurance to secure all financial goals.
  • Build emergency fund to tide over unexpected expenses.

Note from the doctor

  • Fund portfolio has small-cap skew. Be ready for high volatility.
  • Go for balanced allocation in the NPS portfolio.
  • Review investments and rebalance at least once in a year.
  • Reduce risk when goal is near so that you don’t miss the target.



If you want your portfolio examined, write to with ¡¥Portfolio Doctor¡¦ as the subject. Mention the following information:

  • Names of the funds you hold.
  • Current value of the investment.
  • If you have SIPs running in any of them.
  • The financial goals for which you invested.
  • How much you need for each financial goal.
  • How far away is each goal.


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