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Do you have someone on your holiday gift list who’s still working from home? Silly question. We all have someone on our list this year who’s working from home. The good news is that some gadgets that sold out earlier this year are back in stock, but that might not be true much longer.

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for people working from their house.

A good web camera is necessary for any Zoom video meetings. Many of the name brand web cameras sold out last spring and have not been back in stock. Recently, Logitech web cameras have reappeared at Amazon and other online retailers.

Many quality webcams cost hundreds of dollars, but the Logitech C925E business webcam is the best under $100. It has a 78-degree wide-angle view and built-in microphones. It also comes with two different ways to mount it on a desk. Put it on top of a computer monitor like most webcams or use it with a table-top tripod. If the person on your list purchased a web camera online in the last six months or so, he or she probably had to settle for a cheap one with poor video and audio quality. Last time I checked, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart had a few Logitech webcams back in stock.

If they have a desk job, they’d probably love a new desk that can be raised and lowered for sitting or standing. The Flexispot desk is about $250. Buttons control its height adjustment, which ranges from 28 inches to over 47 inches. The desktop is large enough for a computer, tablet, keyboard, mouse, and lunch. They can start the workday standing up and lower it for later in the day by pressing the buttons.

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There are cheaper and more expensive standup desks, which have become very popular during the work-from-home period we’re in. The Flexispot line of adjustable desks has the highest rating.

A wireless charging pad will help keep their desk space less cluttered. The Ventev Chargepad is $38 and looks less like a tech gadget than others I’ve found. The cloth-covered disc charger works for compatible iPhones and Android devices. Belkin’s charging dock charges up a smartphone and Apple Watch for $140.

If they share a house with kids, spouse, dogs or anything else that can be a distraction, a set of noise-canceling headphones may be just what they want. The Bose QuietComfort over the ear headphones are top of the line for $200 but the Soundcore Q30 headphones are exceptional for just $80. The Bluetooth headphones have active noise canceling that is turned on and off with the touch of a button. With AC on, you can’t hear the outside world at all. The battery lasts for up to 40 hours, and the headphones are very comfortable, with memory foam padding. It has two microphones as well for phone calls and Zoom meetings.

Say this about working from home: there are more ideas for gifts. Most of us were not equipped to work from home.



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