What Should You Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney Before Hiring?

What Should You Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney Before Hiring?

The long arm of the law can stretch out and grab anyone at any time for the paltriest reasons. You could be arrested for things like DUI, mistaken identity, or a host of such reasons and even be facing jail time for the same.

Criminal defense lawyers will argue by your side by representing you in court. They will have the expertise to negotiate a good outcome for the predicament you are in. For chances to improve in your favor, contact a criminal defense lawyer from a reputable firm like Salwin Law Group if the need arises.

Validating Your Legal Representative

Criminal defense attorneys come from varied backgrounds and will have different experiences and areas of expertise. You need to ask a few questions to get the right one for the job.

What’s Their Background and Credentials?

It’s important to know if your defense lawyer is what/who they claim to be. Upon meeting first, don’t be hesitant to ask about their educational background, their number of years of experience in their profession, and their particular experience/expertise in handling your type of case/charges.

Alongside, some other bits of vital information should be known too, such as their relation with the prosecutor’s office/representative, frequency of plea negotiations with them, capability, and frequency of appearing in the courthouse where your case is being run. You should also know about the frequency of their clients going to trial and any membership with a bar association.

How Good Is Their Understanding Of Your Case?

Your criminal defense lawyer must know the full details of your case and where you stand in terms of your options. They must be capable of explaining the same to you and verify any doubts you might have about it.

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Things like whether the charges are on a county, state or federal level, whether to go with a guilty plea, plea agreement or trial for the best outcome, potential obstacles to that outcome, what scenarios to expect during the different stages of the proceedings(arraignment, motions filing, hearing, disposition, trial), etc. must be clearly explained to you by them.

How They Will Manage The Case?

A lot of things might happen in the background during cases. You must be clear with your lawyer on those happenings. You must also know their availability to represent you, any substitutions on their behalf, the reasons for that, availability to clarify doubts and times to do those, who will be doing it, means of contact, and swiftness of response.

How Much Will It Cost?

People tend to avoid this touchy subject in the heat of things, and lawyers tend to ignore it until the end. But the cost of their services must be asked about and decided if possible right at the start. Hourly rates, if any, must be known. Charges for externalities are hard to understand, but estimates are best negotiated at the beginning as well. 

Choosing reputable firms like Salwin Law Group to represent you will give you the best chance at freedom from the charges you’re up against.


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