What Nvidia buying Arm means for PC gaming – PC Gamer

With clients spanning nearly every major technology company, and 180 billion chips shipped to-date, Arm is one of the most important semiconductor design companies in the world. It already licenses its technology out Nvidia, but also to Apple, Qualcomm, and many more, and is used in nearly every smartphone, smart device, and TV. Today, as Nvidia announces its deal to purchase Arm (often listed as ARM or arm, for various reasons) for $40bn, the company’s future is more interesting than ever.

At $40bn, Nvidia’s acquisition of Arm will be the company’s largest to date. Nvidia’s past purchases include 3dfx, AGEIA, and, most notably, Mellanox Technologies, a datacentre networking technology company for $6.9bn, at the time its largest purchase by some margin. The Arm deal easily surpasses that figure, and is evident of not only Nvidia’s looser purse strings but also its incredible value.



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