What makes CRED Store a smart shopper’s favourite destination

For a long time, paying credit card bills wasn’t particularly something that we enjoyed and looked forward to. But that became history when CRED made it rewarding by giving its members CRED Coins for timely payments. What makes the platform even bigger is that members can avail these CRED Coins to get member-exclusive deals across various in-app offerings. So, what do you do when you have enough CRED Coins? We suggest checking out the CRED Store to find a range of products from curated brands.

In order to make the CRED experience as rewarding as it can get, the app has developed its own smartly curated marketplace that hosts a range of homegrown brands and unique products to suit the taste and lifestyle of the CRED community. CRED Store is a haven like no other with its 500+ premium brands across categories like personal care, grooming, gourmet food and beverage, electronics, and sleep solutions among others. In fact, the storehouses’ innovative homegrown brands are not to be found on the usual supermarket shelves, and gives users member-exclusive prices to shop!

But guess what, this isn’t the only motivation to earn more CRED Coins and shop big on the CRED Store. With the IPL season currently on, CRED – one of its official partners, is giving users a big opportunity to utilise their CRED Coins. So how does this work? We explain:

It’s raining deals on the CRED Store
Similar to last year’s IPL, CRED is offering huge cashback offers for credit card payments made during the most rewarding overs of the matches. Interestingly called CRED Power Play, making your bill payments during these power play overs in any IPL 2021 match can win you 100% cashback of the bill amount you have paid. In addition to this, CRED also has CRED Jackpot which is announced during the 16th over of the second innings of each match and users who make their bill payments can earn massive rewards. So, naturally, this means a lot of CRED Coins that you can use for a fulfilling shopping experience at the CRED Store! But IPL offers on CRED do not end here!

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CRED has some lucrative deals and offers for everyone who shops at the CRED Store. As a part of its IPL offer, CRED Store buyers will be able to enjoy the platform’s Powerplay Deals that come with up to 70% on various categories. Every day at 1 PM, the CRED Store allows users to access its Power Play Deals when they can avail huge discounts on various products and services.

Why CRED Store?
Apart from its gala discounts and steal deals, CRED Store is also an interesting place to shop for many other reasons. One of the biggest reasons to explore this curated marketplace is because it brings to users a range of homegrown brands that are usually scattered or not to be found in regular, everyday stores.

The store features interesting urban, new age brands like Bombay Shaving Company, MCaffeine, The Man Company, Moms Co, The Whole Truth, Blue Tokai, 4700 BC, Vahdam, Third Wave Coffee, Skyvik, Wingreens, Nutella etc. that were otherwise not to be found under one roof. These products have been handpicked by the CRED Store team to ensure that CRED members have easy access to trusted products. To ensure that users get access to the best products, the CRED team sits with brand partners during the onboarding process to understand their systems and products. The team further quality checks each and every product before it finally goes live on the CRED Store. Thus, CRED members get access to premium products at the most lucrative prices.

A range of categories
Currently, CRED Store features over 500+ brands and 2000+ products across a range of categories. So, the platform can be rightly called a 360-degree trusted marketplace. To keep the store fresh and interesting, CRED curates and handpicks products only from select brands suited to the taste and lifestyle of its community.

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Building value on both sides of the ecosystem
While CRED Store has been designed for its premium member base so that they can experience an entertaining discovery-first shopping experience and try new products at member-exclusive prices, it comes with several benefits for the brands they onboard as well. For many Direct-to-Consumer brands, discovery remains a huge challenge on e-commerce platforms. This prevents them from reaching out to the right audience base. However, with the CRED Store, these brands can reach out to the most affluent users in India in the fastest and most efficient ways possible.

With a host of IPL offers running on both products at CRED Store and on bill payments, it’s time you head to the platform for the best of brands and products.

Now, who thought that bill payments could get this exciting?!



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