What Is Display Advertising and Should You Use an Ad Builder?

Display ads have traveled a long way since the year 1994. With time, it is not just the looks of display ads that have changed, but the frequency with which people see display advertising has also massively increased over the years. According to statistics, a general US user sees nearly 63 display ads in a single day. 

It shows that digital display advertisements have a great scope for your business. Use a digital display ad builder tool to ensure you have impactful ads for your marketing campaign.

Hence, if you are busy and you want to make some attractive and informative display ads, then the right digital display tool can be a great tool in your toolbox.

What is a Digital Display Advertisement?

Digital display advertising refers to the procedure of advertising your product or service through visuals like graphics and videos on networks of publisher websites. These websites can be like the Google Display Network and social media platform Facebook etc.

Moreover, you can place display ads on relevant third-party websites in the form of banners, images, and text advertisements. Furthermore, display advertising is somewhat a blanket term that encompasses every visual ad that you place on a website. However, display ads can be divided into three general categories:

1. Site Placement Advertising

In this kind of display advertising, being the advertiser or marketer, you can choose the website you like to run your display ads.

2. Contextual Advertising

In this type of display ad, networks place ads on relevant websites, like showing an advertisement for dog food on a pet care and adoption website.

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3. Remarketing

Remarketing display advertisements appear in front of users who have been on your platform or website. They have a post-click landing page but have left without finishing the appropriate conversion goal.

Hence, unlike search advertising, which uses a pull approach where users search for a product or service similar to yours, this display ad uses a push approach where users who witness your display ads get targeted persistently for those ads.

Moreover, you target such users, either because of remarketing campaigns or perhaps, browsing a website is pertinent to your offer.

Should You Use an Ad Builder for Your Business?

A digital display ad builder tool is a powerful way to ensure that you develop and design the best and most suitable display advertisements. You can form stunning HTML5 display ads and templates. Moreover, the advertisement builder inevitably formats into any size for powerful display ads in no time.

In-feed Ads

With the right ad builder tool, you can customize them to match your content’s appearance and feel. The tool helps you place In-feed ads in between your feed content or where your feed ends and begins. 

Develop Dynamic Ads like a Pro

You can develop different types of ads with the right digital display ad tool to ensure that you deliver ads at the right time for the premium display ad conversions. You can do it by altering the content reliant on pricing, weather, or other market dynamics.

To sum up, if your business wants to stay ahead in the digital world, you cannot miss out on display advertising. And for perfect ads, you must use a good and dynamic digital display ad builder tool to ensure your display ads are powerful and attractive.

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