What car would you put this 1340bhp electric motor into? – Top Gear

Surely you’ve come across the crate engine game by now? We’ve played it a few times on these pages, perhaps most notably with Mopar’s 1,000bhp ‘Hellephant’ supercharged V8. It goes like this – we select the engine (usually with a ridiculous amount of power) and you suggest cars that would make a wholly inappropriate but extremely entertaining home for said engine. 

This time, though, things are a little bit different. That’s because the engine in question is a new electric motor developed by an Australian company called HyperPower. 

Technically known as the QFM-360-X, we prefer its other name – The HyperPower Quantum Force eMotor. Oh yeah, and it produces 1,340bhp.

HyperPower says it’s the world’s first extreme-duty performance electric motor and that its power to mass ratio is revolutionary. It also says the motor has been designed with future transport systems such as a hyperloop or electric light rail in mind. 

However, fellow Australian company Top EV Racing is currently using four of the motors in its EV dragster – so plugging one into a road-going car with a load of batteries shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

Come on then, Internet – give us your best/most ridiculous car suggestions in the comments below…


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