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With the Surprise application, you’re rewarded with Surprise points while you do your online shopping. But what are these points precisely?

Surprise points: tokens of the Surprise consortium

The Surprise points are in fact a fancy and more mainstream name for the tokens of our consortium. Surprise points are tokens on our network and they are the very first implementation of branded tokens!

The Surprise points name is used for the application and in our communication for public and no- coiners. It is basically backed by the Satisfaction Token at 1 to 1 rate. As you may know, the Satisfaction Token is not heavily traded yet and in order to move forward before it is, we’ve decided to offer a fixed SAT/BTC rate within the Surprise application.

1 Surprise point = 1 Satisfaction token at the moment

As you may have read on our last token post; our token has been distributed to the investors and there’s a total supply of 42,500,000 tokens. These tokens are the fuel for all the Surprise’s processes, and they are live on the network, transferable, tradable…

Nowadays, the value of the Surprise points are pegged on Bitcoin to guarantee the best user experience as our token is not yet listed on exchanges. We’ll update you when this rule change.

tl;dr The Surprise points are tokens on the blockchain that are used to reward customers. Each Surprise points is unique, it can be distributed by a network of more than 500 brands, exchanged with euros or any other currencies (including cryptocurrencies and branded tokens in the near future!).

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Crypto can be dangerous but Surprise points are free for users!

Our token is freely distributed to customers when they do their online shopping with the Surprise application.

We all know that cryptocurrencies can be a dangerous investment but what is dangerous when you didn’t invest anything and have some cryptos on your wallet? You can’t lose anything! It can just be a good surprise!

For a novice user, Surprise points doesn’t require any knowledge or practice, it’s just an “item” that is shown in their application. In fact, they don’t even know that their balance is actually in tokens and not in €, $ or £. Their balance are updated seamlessly in their preferred currencies.

Even if these Surprise points will have a free-market volatility and our token plummet to 0, a novice user will never lose anything as these points have been “airdropped” to his wallet after one of his purchase, that he would still have realized! It acts as a bonus. Furthermore, with these Surprise points, our “cashback” system become a new kind of loyalty reward:

it’s a “tokensback” system.

Surprise points are already a surprise in fact, it’s a gift from the Surprise application for buying things online within the consortium. The end users can never be disappointed with this system!

What the history tells us?

If you’re really that “crypto-addict” you’re trying to make everyone believe, I’m sure you know about these 2 pizzas bought in 2010

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