Wetherspoon boss says vaccine passports would be ‘the last straw’

Vaccine passports would be “the last straw” for struggling pubs and will force bar staff into a “bitter civil liberties war” with customers, Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin has claimed.

Ministers are currently studying the potential use of coronavirus health certificates as England emerges from lockdown.

They could mean people will only be allowed in venues if they have been jabbed, received negative tests or developed antibodies through past infection.

However, Conservative backbenchers, publicans and some scientists have raised concerns about their potential use.

Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Martin said “there is no justification for a passport system”.

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The chair of the pub chain said: “For many pubs, hanging on for dear life and devastated by G-force changes of direction, a complex and controversial passport scheme would be the last straw.

“It would inevitably put pub staff in the frontline of a bitter civil liberties war, with some customers unwilling to be vaccinated or unable to have a jab for medical reasons.”



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