We need better wages – not a universal credit tweak | Brief letters

I may be missing something (Ministers consider plan to ease £20-a-week universal credit cut, 23 September), but surely the point of employment is that if someone works full-time, they should be able to earn enough to keep themselves and their family housed and fed? If they can’t, it’s wages that need to rise, not UC “taper rates” that should go down.
Sylvia Rose
Totnes, Devon

New Saturday and What’s On magazines – like having a Christmas Radio Times every week.
Toby Wood

I’m very impressed with the new Saturday magazine. I hope to finish it before next weekend.
Richard Barnard
Wivenhoe, Essex

So, Jonathan Franzen is so concerned about the climate crisis that he’ll fly across the continent to see some birds (Jonathan Franzen: ‘I just write it like I see it and that gets me in trouble’, 25 September)? In his own words, “unless we stop we’re fucked”.
Tanvisha Longden

At a secondhand bookstore, the volunteer behind the counter and I had a giggle when I found Fifty Shades of Grey in the horror section (Letters, 24 September). Very fitting, we thought.
Sheila Moore
South Shields, Tyne and Wear

Re comments on essays (Letters, 20 September), the most scathing I have read are: “In which language was this first written before being translated so badly?” And: “Please explain what harm the English language has ever done to you.”
Peter Effer

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