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Warm Home Discount: Benefits available to pensioners during the UK's energy bill hike

“We think there needs to be more money that’s given to customers who are particularly struggling. It’s still so difficult, because every supplier has different criteria, especially for the broader group.

“It just seems to make more sense if those discounts are applied automatically for customers who qualify. There shouldn’t be a ‘first come first serve’ service where customers need to run around and figure out where they need to apply and how they need to do it.”

On top of this, Ms Miltienyte is calling on greater intervention from the Government in the face of many suppliers going out of business and more consumers in need of financial guidance.

The financial expert explained: “There’s definitely a need for the Government to do more, because the Government is saying that they are protecting customers by keeping the energy price gap in place.

“That’s keeping the bills down for a lot of customers over winter, but more support is needed.


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