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WALTHAM, MA — Waltham just got a bit greener this week. The City of Waltham bought two new electric Nissan LEAF vehicles. One will be a shared vehicle between city staff, and the other will be housed in the Wires Department.

It’s part of an effort to go green, according to city officials.

While vehicle emissions are a significant cause of climate change and smog, the zero emission Nissan LEAF rated “Best” in both Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Rating, as well as Smog Rating, emitting 0 grams CO, per mile, according to a city press release.

These new electric vehicles can drive for about 150 miles fully charged, with an average of 112 miles per gasoline equivalent, which could save the city close to $4,000 in fuel costs throughout the next five years compared to the average new car.

The cost to buy one of the small electric cars starts at $29,990 and the SUV version starts at $32,940. It’s unclear how much the city spent on the vehicles or whether they plan to expand the fleet.

Have an electric car? Here’s where to find charging stations in town.


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