Volkswagen ID 4 GTX 2021 review

Claimed energy consumption of 3.8kWh per mile provides the GTX with a competitive range of 298 miles from its 77kWh battery.

In keeping with the sporting brief, VW has retuned the ID 4’s suspension for the GTX. Among the changes are unique spring and damper rates and a 15mm reduction in ride height. The standard wheels are 20in, but the early-production example we’re driving runs on an optional 21in set, in combination with 235/45-profile front and 255/40-profile rear tyres.

With its nippy acceleration and a tight turning circle, the GTX is brilliantly effective around town. There’s also greater vigour to its open-road character than standard rear-drive ID 4s. What I like is the keenness to its handling.

With a very low centre of gravity – an upshot of its 486kg battery being mounted wholly within the floorpan – it corners with great authority. The ability of its electric motors to provide drive individually to each wheel thanks to the torque-vectoring qualities of its two axles gives the ID 4 GTX great balance and purchase.

It’s just a pity the other areas of the new ID 4 aren’t quite up to the task. Although quite precise, there is little true feedback through the variable-rate steering. The brakes also have a highly servoed feel, with an odd multi-stage action that can be traced to the efforts of the energy recuperation system.


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