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Published on November 29th, 2019 |
by Cynthia Shahan

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The Volkswagen Golf is one of the most popular mass-market cars in the world, and the question now is whether the Volkswagen ID.3 will democratize all-electric cars at a similar scale. However, in at least some places, prices are higher than expected.

Irish auto expert Bob Flavin got to explore and explain the Volkswagen’s all-electric showstopper. In general, it seems that he believes the VW ID.3 is a breakthrough, like the Volkswagen Golf before. Looking inside, “Digital dash, total digital dash gives me 350 kilometers of range, which is lovely as well. Just a really classy interior.”

The dialog of Bob Flavin, Ireland’s #1 car review on YouTube, moves quickly and is packed with good information as well as interior visuals of the breakthrough zero-emission model from VW. Also, he should be fairly informed overall on the issues and options. Electric and hybrid vehicles now account for over 10% of Irish auto sales.

Bob is bullish on Volkswagen. He believes, “Volkswagen is going to clean up the world and they are also becoming an energy company who want to take care of all your electricity needs. This car company really has the consumer in mind when it comes to financing packages and end to end means of charging.”

A hat tip is due to IanB, who found this story, and his big takeaway is noteworthy: the initial prices are not “democratizing” mass-market prices. He writes, “VW ID.3 Prices released for Ireland, SHOCKING!!!!!” Going on:

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1st edition base model 40k euros
1st edition mid model 45k euros
1st edition top model 50k euros

So much for ‘a car for the masses’!!!!!!!

Importantly, these 1st edition prices are not the lowest the ID.3 will go. The 1st edition trim requires a bit of a premium. Once base trims arrive, the Irish will have cheaper options. That said, prices are not shown on the Volkswagen webpage.

If you want more of that genuine Irish analysis, here’s a longer one from Bob as he discusses the VW ID.3 and Tesla Cybertruck:

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