Voice of the People: 'Incompetent PM's delay on Indian variant is reckless'

When will Boris Johnson ever learn?

As we cheer the big opening tomorrow, the PM’s characteristic dithering over the handling of the Covid crisis has left a question mark over “freedom day” next month.

Although little was known about the Indian variant in April, many scientists were concerned and warned the Government it should not delay shutting the borders to prevent the mutation entering the country.

Now, B1.617.2 threatens our plans to unlock on June 21.

The PM held back on India while we red-listed its neighbours Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Critics have called Mr Johnson reckless for delaying putting India on the list too.

Some even fear he put Britain’s successful fightback against the virus at risk so that he could grandstand at a Delhi trade summit – which then had to be cancelled anyway.

As we prepare to hug our friends and loved ones, and meet inside pubs and other entertainment venues, we are once again being cautioned by scientists.

A huge cloud now hovers over our hopes of a full freedom day on June 21.

It’s no wonder Mr Johnson appears to be dragging his heels on holding an inquiry on the handling of the pandemic.

And it is no wonder the families of the bereaved, who lost loved ones during the height of the crisis and the worst of the PM’s mistakes, are furious.

We – the general public, nurses, doctors and their NHS support staffs, public health experts and scientists – have all done our bit.

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It’s a tragic pity an incompetent PM can’t do his.



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