Voice of The Mirror: When Boris says he doesn't want election – we know he does

Boris Johnson is a stranger to the truth so when this serial liar claims he doesn’t want a General Election we know he does.

This Tory Prime Fibber is a reckless and dangerous charlatan.

He’s the head of a ragtag government threatening to defy the law and sidelining Parliament because he’s terrified of its sovereignty.

This hypocrite vows to dump MPs who vote against Brexit – as he did twice.

Britain quitting Europe without a deal would be an economic calamity, destroying jobs, smashing living standards and imposing trade taxes.

So the Kamikaze PM should stop pretending it’s a viable option.

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The 2016 referendum did not ask for a nuclear Brexit and our European allies know even Johnson realises it would be a disaster.

MPs must this week vote for sanity and rule out a Halloween horror before Jeremy Corbyn and others decide on a General Election.

Demonstrators shouting “stop the coup” over Johnson as he delivered a Conservative Party Political Broadcast in Downing Street underlined how divided the country is.

He should be careful what he wishes for.

Care fee plea

Self-payers are forced to pay more than councils do for elderly care

Private care home fees costing up to £18,356 more than local authority places show why we need a lot more council provision for the elderly and vulnerable.

The private sector’s average £44,252 annual bill against £31,270 for local authorities is typically £1,000 a month added to the financial burden on families wanting relatives protected.

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Social care was a victim of callous Tory austerity, which was a political assault on vital services for ideological, not economic, reasons.

We desperately need a fairly funded National Care Service to look after everybody, irrespective of their means, something which Labour planned and the Tories nastily blocked.

Earache hotel

Elvis tribute act Dean Holland, 45, is distraught that he has been slapped with a record £9,000 fine for singing in his home


The noisy Elvis impersonator fined £9,000 for leaving neighbours All Shook Up might be wise to obey the law.

Or he’ll be in for a jailhouse shock.



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