Voice of the Mirror: Hillsborough families have been let down by disappointing judgment

For 30 years those seeking justice for what happened at Hillsborough have fought a long and dignified campaign for truth and accountability.

For much of that time it was a lonely crusade as they were dismissed by the authorities, smeared by sections of the press and spurned by the establishment.

They persevered because their cause was right and their community was strong.

The families and survivors of Hillsborough will once again have to draw on these strengths after the court found David Duckenfield not guilty of gross negligence.

This is a bitterly disappointing judgement for those who strove so hard to establish the truth and hold to account those responsible for what happened at the Sheffield stadium.

Margaret Aspinall and Hillsborough manslaughter judge Sir Peter Openshaw

Duckenfield may not be a criminal but he should never escape the shame of his actions and the lies he told subsequently.

After the inquest found their loved ones, friends and family were unlawfully killed the families of the 96 have a right to know who was responsible.

After all these years they deserved better than this. They deserved the chance to be at peace.

Unfit to serve

There is a reason why Prime Minister Boris Johnson is running from scrutiny.

He does not want to be held for account for his inability to tell the truth, his casual racism and his terrible track record.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Nor does he want to be exposed for what he is: a snobbish, sexist and sneering Tory.

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His journalism says it all. When he is not insulting gays and Muslims he is smearing the working classes as “feckless and hopeless” and single mums as “ill-raised and ignorant”.

His opinions make him unfit to hold any office, let alone the one he’s got.

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