Vodafone scraps useful perk and customers are not happy about it

With more people now starting to use the tube again after lockdown, social media is full of complaints with one Vodafone user saying: “One of the reasons I moved from three to Vodafone was that I could still have connectivity while travelling. Why have you discontinued WiFi on underground? It’s a huge inconvenience and frankly not acceptable nowadays.”

Another added: “@VodafoneUK, So without notification you have pulled out of London underground WiFi. So Vodafone is now the only major provider not providing a useful service on the London underground. Why?”

And one tweet said: “@VodafoneUK who’s the bright minded person that decided to cancel the contract with London Underground for WiFi services? Now I can’t use Vodafone WiFi nor Virgin Media WiFi as it needs to be connected to your network provider… you’re going to lose loads of customers!”


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