VMware sees increased demand for security and app modernisation in India

PUNE: Cloud computing and virtualisation firm VMWare said it was witnessing increased demand for security and application modernisation services in India, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Companies are resetting their infrastructure and IT landscape at this time, said Pradeep Nair, managing director, VMware India. “There are huge opportunities in India. Security is a new focus area for us, along with app modernisation,” he told ET.

With the current pandemic and almost everyone working from home, security has become an important focus area for all businesses. “It is now a boardroom issue and not just an IT issue,” Nair said.

The industry has changed, he said, with companies now needing to make their legacy applications agile or move to a multi-cloud environment. Chief information officers are using this period to move to a more efficient IT infrastructure, which is working in favour of companies like VMware.

Nair said that there was a lot more openness about moving applications to the Cloud, partly because of external circumstances, and because some of the fears around security issues had been allayed.

The company provides cloud, app modernization, networking, security, and digital workspace VMware. Over the course of the pandemic, the company worked with several of its clients to help them transition to working remotely.

For a large IT multinational, VMware worked on enabling this over a weekend so that 30,000 employees could start working remotely without any disruption. This was done without any impact to security, data or disruption to ongoing business operations, he said.

Using VMware Horizon also enabled the company to make the transition faster and cut costs by about 50% compared to traditional systems, it said.


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