VMware announces Nvidia AI tie-up, Carbon Black-based security solutions

VMware (VMW +1.0%) has a slate of announcements coming out of today’s VMworld event.

VMW is partnering with Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) to make its data center management software work better with AI chips.

VMware has historically focused on making the software work with Intel’s data center chips, but Nvidia’s AI products are gaining market share.

The software tools will work with Nvidia’s chips to smoothly run AI applications without any specialized setup.

The companies plan to give some customers early access to the tech but didn’t provide any launch date details.

Virtual Cloud Network: VMware says the new cloud network “delivers the automation and economics of the public cloud across every element of the network and spanning the entire distributed enterprise at a time when agility and cost matter more than ever.”

The Virtual Cloud focuses on three areas: automation providing the public cloud experience, modern application connectivity and security services, and network security solutions.

Tanzu extension: A year after the launch, VMW’s Kubernetes portfolio Tanzu gains support across the VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure VMware Solution and Github, and the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. AWS is available now, Oracle is in preview, and the Microsoft previews are coming soon.

Carbon Black integration: Putting last year’s $2.1B acquisition to use, VMware announces advanced security solutions for the public and private cloud, security ops, and distributed workforces.

Previously: VMware intends to acquire automation software company SaltStack (Sep. 29 2020)


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